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Who We Are

So recently as I've been out and about and meeting scores of new friends and followers, I've encountered lot's of the same questions centered around "what is barefoot Dave"?.

Well, here's who we are...

Barefoot Dave represents living your life unapologetically.  It's about tapping into that thing that you do that makes you happy, and doing that thing without worry about what others think.

For me, it was about playing golf without shoes.  It made me feel comfortable.  And I didn't care that it bothered folks at my country club that I did it.  It had no impact on their playing or enjoyment of their game.  And there was no rule against it.  So I did it and continue to do it...UNAPOLOGETICALLY

Like my friend Don Poland, who doesn't care if you don't let your bartenders drink behind their bar on the job...

Like my friend Chris Parker...dude is bigger than me and drinks rose wine all day...and doesn't care what you think about it...

Like my friend P.O. Bob Henry, who no matter who you are is 'damn glad to meet you' (his motto for over 40 years)

Like Bryson DeChambeau, who people mocked for using algorithms and scientific data to play pro golf, whilst rocking a retro Payne Stewart hat...he won the John Deere and got into "The Open"...UNAPOLOGETICALLY

Like my kid brother, who for 40 years has lived life like a 15-year-old and never cared nor apologized for it

Like my wife's 'Uncle Pete' and cousin Mike who were sufficiently crazy to invest time and $ to go into business with me, promoting the BFD lifestyle...

So whether it's your own "private beach" or "private Idaho" or playing a tuba upside down in your bathtub (blocking out that visual)...BFD is about doing your thing and celebrating it without giving a sh*t about rules or what other people think...

Please send us photos on FB (barefootdave) and IG (theoriginalbarefootdave) of you celebrating you doing your thing unapologetically...

Life's a sand trap, take off your shoes!



Block Island

August 15, 2017

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