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Happy New Year Team Barefoot!

2018 will bring some fun and surprises.  Stay along for the ride as here is a quick glimpse of my early 2018 agenda:


Jan 24th-28th BFD is playing in the 12th annual Scott Slater invitational in Naples, FL (Tiburon, Everglades, Hammock Bay/Rookery (Marco Island), Raptor Bay)


March 4th – BFD will be attending the Academy Awards (BIG QUESTION: can I pull off walking the red carpet barefoot?!?!?!?!?!)


April 29th-May 2nd  - BFD returns to Pebble Beach where he hopes to break 80 on a US Open golf course…


Stay tuned for exciting updates from these fun venues…follow me on IG: theoriginalbarefootdave or FB: barefootdave


2018 Resolutions (I’m not a fan of resolutions but my life coach said to set some goals…so here goes…):


  1. Lose 20+lbs (no-brainer)
  2. Go to crossfit more (goes with #1, above)
  3. Read more
  4. Make less 3-putts
  5. Manage golf courses better/play more consistent
  6. Hit it in the fairway more
  7. Hit it farther than anyone else (I needed a gimme…lol)
  8. Break 80 on a golf course (pause for hysterical laughter…)
  9. Qualify for the championship flight for HGCC’s men’s club championship (pause for persistent laughter)


That seems like a good round number – we’ll call that the “front 9”


We will revisit those mid-year for more laughter and re-evaluate for a “back 9”.  In the meantime, stay tuned for more posts live from where my adventures take me


In the meantime, look for a lot of new and exciting things from the site this year.  Last year the beach towels were a hit.  This year look for BFD belts and flip flops, among other custom products this spring.  Right now there’s an underground demand for hoodies and the winter beanie is getting rave reviews for quality.  As always, if there’s something you’d like to see please tell us and we’ll make it happen.


All the best for an outstanding 2018,



Battery Park City, NY

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