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Who We Are

So recently as I've been out and about and meeting scores of new friends and followers, I've encountered lot's of the same questions centered around "what is barefoot Dave"?. Well, here's who we are... Barefoot Dave represents living your life unapologetically.  It's about tapping into that thing that you do that makes you happy, and doing that thing without worry about what others think. For me, it was about playing golf without shoes.  It made me feel comfortable.  And I didn't care that it bothered folks at my country club that I did it.  It had no impact on their...

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Confessions of a Guy Who Came up Short in Qualifying

Saturday July 15th, 2017 - 8:08 AM…HGCC first tee box  I feel good…man I feel really good.  Good night’s sleep, up early, stretched…on the range at 6:30AM…just getting loose with the 56 degree wedge and I feel ok…chasing a banana with a half bottle of Bulleit Rye on the rocks (not proud of that but hey, gotta calm the nerves)…I leave for the putting green, iphone earbuds in, music is good, sipping the swing oil and feeling like this can really happen…  Hole #1 – meech hands me 22 degree hybrid and tells me to hit the middle of the...

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Recent ode from a defeated opponent who shall remain nameless:

"The Legend of Barefoot Dave"   It was just like any other day But Barefoot came to play. The breeze was swirling as he stood on the tee. It was extra holes as it was destined to be. He stood and stared at the test that he faced He put down a tee and his ball that he placed. He looked at his ball as a matador would a bull Started his swing and he hit it full. The ball flew high the ball flew true It started from the black tee not the blue.  It landed soft , like...

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